Higley Center for The Performing Arts

Higley Center for The Performing Arts

Could a theatre be the knack of someone keeping you entertained, thought provoked for a specific duration with bouts of laughter, sadness, and all emotions that you know?

Well, you might just have made the right guess. It’s a collaborative form of performing art that uses live performers, typically actors or actresses, to present the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience in a specific place, often a stage.

There is a mammoth of performers in this field – legends of the theatre like William Shakespeare, the recent Tom Hanks, and Val Kilmer.

In this article, we’ve pieced a collation of pieces of critical information that you need to know about the incredible Higley center for the performing arts.


The Higley center for performing arts, is under the Higley Unified school district in the state of Arizona, South West region in the neighborhood of Gilbert, with an estimated population of over 10,000 students.


Found in 2001, this Higley center for performing arts is one of the fastest-growing institutions in the US, its exponential growth has surpassed the 10,000 mark that is quite a typical figure for most institutions like such.


As an institution with a dense student population, the Higley center for performing arts has over 110 vehicles – buses and support vehicles – that make transportation pretty easier.

The school has aligned the school bell times for the high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to make sure they do not clash and cause any traffic snarl-ups.

While the institution offers an incredible transportation system, the Higley center for the performing arts parking is ample enough for students with their means.

Seating Arrangement

One of the most noteworthy advantages of this institution that sets it apart from others is the Higley center for the performing arts seating arrangement and capacity.

Seating Arrangement
Seating Arrangement

It accommodates an astounding 1200 people in one sitting – arranged in three columns, each with a unique design that gives the ultimate experience. The stage is central, and the seating arrangement is designed so that the audience can have a 360-degree view of all the happenings without necessarily having to stand up, shift their seats, or get obstructed.

The Little Theater

The Higley center for performing arts also has the Little theater seating arena – able to accommodate close to 180 people.

Imagine having the experience of a small audience with excellent sound and lighting to enjoy a fantastic set up of theatre.

It gives a surreal experience, one which a person can recommend to a friend, and complements the concert hall in terms of space and experience for students and visitors to the magical place.

Research has it that a theatre with a pleasant ambiance – like the one reflected in the Higley center for performing arts gives an impeccable experience, especially if you’re new to the place.

Beyond the obvious perks of bringing confidence and trust, it also instills a sense of having of being part of the cast. To add to the intimate experience of approximately 186 seats, the Little Theatre is connected by a spacious lobby that wraps around half of the facility and features dramatic floor to ceiling windows.


How does one get to audition and perform in this magnificent, well-renowned theatre?

Well, for starters, they are held in three major categories – Theatre II, Theatre III, and Company. These categories clearly show that the institution has differentiated all types of theatre based on the specifications.

They have mastered that different actors have different skills set and can be easily coached and have the best derived from them.

Auditions are scheduled at different times and locations to enable them not coincide. Attendants who are unable to attend auditions in time can seamlessly fit a more accommodative platform – like email or notice.

This provision enables indiscriminate showcasing of talent, consequently providing an endless sphere of talent discovery, and making the Higley center for the performing arts auditions a “hotbed” for mining talent.

Rental Rates

Like any good theatre and Performance center, generating a steady stream of income is imperative for the institution’s operations.

The Higley center for the performing arts came up with a payment package from which the institution collects actor fees, light sounds, and a mammoth of other expenses. While some rates could be as affordable as $15 per hour, some payment packages cost as much as $35 per hour.

The collections are also a way of giving back to the community by creating employment and giving value to the viewers by having the facilities in good shape and providing remarkable performances.


This excellent facility plans all their activities before the performance date.

The institution has gone a notch higher to display all activities from January to December – well-documented in the Higley center for the performing arts upcoming events. This schedule enables any interested person to have prior knowledge, have advanced bookings, and plan to have an exciting event or catch their favorite actors on stage.

Arts Calendar

The Higley center for the performing arts’ upcoming events provides a timely reminder of planning to enjoy literature and creativity, which shows the versatility of striking the right balance in keeping the audience entertained and vibrant.

Beyond the obvious perks of maintaining a proper schedule throughout the year, the arts calendar helps performers and viewers make their plans with maximum efficacy.


The world of auditions is filled with intrigues and challenges. Considering the mammoth of hurdles that most theatres experience when preparing, performing, and striking the right balance between fruitful performance and a nuisance, the Higley center for performing arts ranks top.

In a world where the entertainment landscape has cutting-edge technology, online streaming services, and extremely affordable alternative entertainment services, the question of how the audiences keep themselves entertained is becoming tricky.

Whether or not this millennial era still values the tranquility of a theatre and the first-hand receipt of talent is still speculation. However, amid colossal competitors, The Higley center for performing arts remains one of the best theatres globally.

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