Best Performing Arts Colleges in The Us

Best Performing Arts Colleges in The Us

Anyone looking to pursue any course in the US looks for the best performing colleges. In this case, we are looking at the best performing art colleges in the US. There are over 300 accredited art colleges in the US, and choosing the best can be an overwhelming exercise for either students or parents. Here are some of the best performing arts colleges in the US. In coming up with our list, we have considered several factors, such as curriculum, facilities, alumni, and faculty.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing A College

1. Facilities

Any student looking to join an art college must look at the facilities in the college. Art is more practical than theory. Therefore, look at what the college offers specifically for the students. Some of the facilities you should look at include workshops, gallery displays, or any other facility of interest to you. Also, of interest to you is the kind of technology used in the college. The best colleges for performing arts should be equipped with relevant and latest technology.

2. Curriculum

Another factor to consider when looking for an art college is the curriculum. Ensure that the school you are about to join has diverse programs. Art is one of the most extensive fields in the market. Even though exhausting the ground is almost impossible, ensure the college you are about to join offers diverse programs. Look specifically at the topics you are interested in making sure you are moving to the right college. A good art college should keep up with the ever-changing current artistic trends.

3. Location

One thing you should understand is that the new college will act as a home for you or your child for the next few years. Therefore, check if the surrounding environment suits you. Even though the body will adapt to the new environment, choose a college with suitable climatic conditions. Also, check if the college is in a big city or a small town. Unlike other courses, where silence is the best learning environment, Art is different. A city with many activities suits an art school since learners are set to learn from what surrounds them.

4. Faculty

The people you will be in charge of for the next few years will play a huge role in determining your career path. Therefore, you have to research the kind of professors a college has. See what they have done or achieved in the past. Also, if they have won any awards, the better, if they have any publications, go through them to see if you love their work. A college with a good reputation will never miss having excellent professors who are widely regarded throughout the world.

5. Alumni

Any institution is recognized for its end products. No matter how excellent the facilities or teachers in a college are, without the reputation of churning out the best for the market, the facility will never be regarded as good enough. Therefore, do research and see the colleges attended by some of your role models. Attend a college that has a reputation for producing the best in the market.

6. Affordability

You do not want to strain your resources too much to educate yourself or your child since you have a life to live and other things to take care of. Look at the list we have given below to see which of them suits your budget. Find out upfront their mode of payment and any additional fees you are required to pay. Contrary to public perception, the cost of college does not indicate its quality. Some of the best performing arts colleges out there do not charge exorbitant fees. Do not rush to the most expensive college, thinking you will find the best education. They may have the latest facilities but without the best teachers.

What to Do Before Applying for an Art College

  • Do the Research

Deciding which college to attend will play a significant role in shaping your future life. Therefore, you need to do substantive research before making any decision. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to move around, you have the right tools right in front of you. Make use of reviews, directories, and ranking information provided for on the internet. Some of the things to look at are the accreditation of the school, fee structure, and scholarships available. Above all, check if the college offers the category of Art you are interested in.

  • Apply To Multiple Art Colleges

You should be aware that you will not automatically get the best musical theatre college of your choice. Therefore, to increase your bet, narrow down your list to several colleges before making your application. Narrow down your list to three colleges and make an application to all three colleges.

  • Consider Off-Campus Opportunities

One of the best ways to learn Art is through experience. Look for a college that will provide a lasting connection for you and one that will connect you with your mentors. Any graduate will tell you that graduating from college does not guarantee you success. College only gives you a background for you to create opportunities for yourself. However, having people who have succeeded in your field helps a lot. You can only find the top cream of your faculty in the best musical theatre colleges in the US.

  • Prepare for Interviews

Let’s face it, being the best musical theatre colleges in the USA, and many students are bound to want to join the college. One way to cut down the number of students looking to join the college is through interviews. An interview is a chance for you to articulate your goal, achievements, and why you are best suited to get admission to the school. You need to prepare adequately for such interviews. Understand what the school is about and match your goals with the aspiration of the school through your explanation.

Best Performing Arts Colleges in The Country


If you are looking to join an art college, but you are probably overwhelmed by the choices out there, we got you. Yes, the course could be fun to do; however, your college of choice will determine whether or not you will enjoy the course. Here is a list of the best musical theatre colleges in the US you might want to check out.

1. Yale University

Yale University is one of the oldest and most prestigious art academic institutions in the US. The school is located in New Haven, Connecticut. While the school offers a wide variety of art courses, the most stand out ones is photography and painting. Other programs you will find in this institution are Sculpture and printmaking. The school boasts the services of renowned professors such as Eva Hassen, Dawood Bey, Richard Serra, and Wangechi Mutuu. The annual fees for the university are $36,359.

2. Rhode Island School of Design

The art college is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The institution was established in 1877 and has proven to be one of the best art colleges in Rhode. One thing about the school is that it is highly selective to students who join the college. If you are looking to join the college, prepare yourself for an interview. Currently, the school has a population of about 2,300 students and offers over 20 art-related programs. Some of their programs include digital media, painting, sculpture, photography, and ceramics. RISD also provide a platform where students can share experience with their colleagues of Brown University. Besides, the college has several art galleries.

3. University of California-Los Angeles

The widely known school of Arts and Architecture is a professional school that offers students a wide range of programs. Some of these programs include urban design, world arts, cultures, and many others. The college provides its students with two internationally recognized art institutions, which include Hammer and Fowler Museum, both situated at UCLA. Also, the school prides itself on having over 8000 undergraduate and 4000 graduates. Despite the constant change field of Art, the school has won many awards.

4. Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Art

The art school is located in Richmond, Virginia. Over the years, the school has been offering programs such as sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, and printmaking. They offer over sixteen art programs to its students. The school has a population of around 3000 students and is internationally recognized for churning out fine artists that have moved to do great things around the world. Also, the school is known to encourage its students to achieve the best in their field. Additionally, the art college has an affiliated college situated in Qatar.

5. California Institute of the Arts (Valencia)

California Institute of Arts is one of the best private institutions offering arts in the US. The school is a situation in Valencia, California, and was founded in 1961. It was founded by Walt Disney, who dedicated the school to specifically art education. Currently, the school boasts a population of 1,454 students. The school is widely recognized across the world as one of the best music schools in the US, especially for the exceptional environment it gives students. Some of the art programs offered in the school include fine arts, photography, technology, and media. Students in the school have a chance of creating their own creating development arts outside the regular school programs. Also, you will not be thought theory, but you will also experience real studio in the school.

6. Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Institute College of Art is situated in Maryland. The college is well-equipped with up to date innovative curriculum with an illustrious faculty of Art. Over the years, the college has ranked among the top 10 best art colleges in the US. The private institution has over 1800 undergraduates and 300 postgraduate students. Over the years, the school has been an art of mecca for the Washington area. It has close to 1000 exhibitions every year. The show is attended by professionals from across the globe, which provides immense experience for students.

7. Columbia University School of the Arts

Columbia is not to be the central location of Art both in the US and across the globe. It is therefore not a surprise why the college has an excellent reputation for being one of the best art schools in the US. The college offers a broad curriculum in mixed media and masters in fine arts in visual filming. The school offers masters in Visual Arts as opposed to a specific art program selected by students. Some of the programs offered in the school include Sculpture, painting, performance art, drawing, installation, and photography. For all these programs, students take two years to complete the master course.

8. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savanna College of Arts and Design is a private institution with four constitute colleges. Two of its branches are found in Savanna and Atlanta, while the other two are in Hong Kong and Lacoste, France. The first college is Savanna College of arts opened in 1979, with only 70 students and four staff members. Today, the institution thousands of students with over 100 faculty members. The school has been broken down into departments, which include Communication Arts, School of Design, Fashion, Digital Media, Entertainment Arts, and Liberal Arts. Although Art is the heart of the university, the school also provides computer animation. The most notable alumni of the school are Mir Zafar Ali, who has created visual effects in movies such as The Day After Tomorrow, The Mummy and, X-men.


Just like any other field, you have to come to terms with why you chose to pursue Art and not any other course. I have interacted with many students, and they give different reasons why they decided to take this course. There is a negative perception that the weakest students do arts. Well, the truth is that the decision should come from within you and not your parents or anybody else. Choosing a course to pursue is one decision that will make or break your life.

The best performing art colleges can open doors and great opportunities for any talented child in the US. While you look out for curriculum, also look at the opportunities offered to the students by the college in question.

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