Colleges With The Best Theatre Programs

Colleges With The Best Theatre Programs

Education is one of the essential things in our lives. It is a big decision to settle on a college as you are committing to focusing on your passion for four years. Finding a college with the best theatre program assists aspiring actors and musicians in being good at their passion.

A college with the best theatre program allows you to be surrounded by accordant people as they have the same goals, mindset, values and a common career path. To find the college that has the best theatre program, you should look at schools that accentuate drama and dance exclusively. There are different ways you can use to find a college that has the best theatre program.

Methods used to find a college that has the best theatre program.

  • Ranking– It is imperative to consider colleges that are top tier as they offer co-curricular opportunities and have a long list of notable alumni. Choosing such colleges allows one to have these opportunities and become a distinguished alumnus.
  • On-Campus and Off-Campus Co-Curricular Opportunities– Co-curricular activities give aspiring actors and musicians a platform to exhibit their talents. Numerous co-curricular activities allow the growth of skills; thus, the students get to perfect their abilities.
  • Notable Alumni– If a college has a vast number of prosperous alumni, it assures the students that they program the alumni involved themselves into is likely to provide them with similar skills hence similar and better success.

The following are the colleges that have the best theatre programs:

1. The Juilliard School.

The Juilliard School is a private school that offers performing arts conservatory programs. It is based in New York and established in 1905. The school trains both undergraduate and graduate students in music, drama, and dance. Hence, regarded as one of the colleges that has the best musical theatre program. This school has a long list of notable alumni, thus considered top tier. These alumni have secured and won a lot of awards. These awards include Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, Emmy awards, Bessie Awards, Pulitzer Awards, National Medals for the Arts, and even Academy Awards. Such distinctions make these school a prestigious one. The school has excellent dance programs that offer 15 public performances in a year. Their drama program offers numerous plays and showcases in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York. When their students can showcase their talents in such high places, they present themselves to excellent cast directors, agents, and managers, thus availing them with an array of opportunities.

2. University of California- Los Angeles.

UCLA is one of the colleges that has the best theatre program if you desire to venture into drama and theatre. The school is in Los Angeles, California. It provides students with both undergraduate and graduate programs ranked among the world’s best theatre programs. The school holds various resources that contribute to the growth of the students’ talents, such as the Geffen Playhouse and the UCLA Film and Television Archive. The school has ample teaching resources as it has 140-course instructors who cater to approximately 335 undergraduate students and 296 graduate students giving a balanced teacher-student ratio of about 1:5. Students who enroll in their programs have high post-graduation earnings of roughly $23300.

3. North-western University.

This university is in a city known as Evanston. It is ranked 10 out of 1727 colleges in the USA, so it is considered a college with the best theatre program. To join this school, auditions are not compulsory, but aspiring students require high academic standards. The school has notable alums such as Meghan Markle, David Schwimmer, Zach Braff, Anna Gunn, and Stephen Colbert. Their undergraduate programs offer opportunities for performance in school-sponsored and student-run shows. Moreover, their students get invitations to perform in big cities such as New York and Chicago, thus presenting themselves to respected cast directors, agents and managers, and other industry professionals.

4. Florida State University.

The university is in the city of Tallahassee. It is a public college thus has a large student population. The college offers one of the best comprehensive graduate theatre programs with award-winning theatre, visual art, and dance classes; therefore, it is considered one of the colleges that has the best theatre program. The school gets recognition from the National Association of Schools of Theatre, thus termed top tier. The programs offered have practical teachings, highly trained staff, and faculty. The programs availed allow creative collaborations among students, faculty, and visiting artists. The students who complete these programs receive lucrative incomes of approximately $23,500.

5. University of Oklahoma Norman Campus.

The university was founded in 1892 and located in the suburb of Norman. It is a public school thus has a large number of students. This school is a college that has the best theatre programs as it effectively educates theatre artists equipping them on how to perpetuate theatre art. The school has highly trained faculty and staff who have established international reputations. The school accounted for about 5% of the USA’s actors and musicians and ranked the first in the state of Oklahoma. The school has programs with magnificent educational encounters both within and without the classroom. The university’s programs offer theatrical productions and performances to the Oklahoma people. Most of their theatre majors with bachelor’s degrees get jobs quite easily and quickly and earn a fantastic salary of about $20,300 in a year.


The theatre program a budding actor involves themselves in has a significant effect on their career. Students who aspire to be both stage and television actors require to attend colleges that have the best theatre programs. Such attendances allow them to be accomplished actors, thus gain a competitive advantage in the acting world. Therefore, programs that avail hands-on experiences, workshops, opportunities to learn from professional and working actors, and performances make them reputable. Students should also consider colleges with quality facilities, production opportunities, and post-graduate support. These programs should equip them with the necessary tools and support for success in professional theatre.

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