Best High Schools of Music & Art in US

Best High Schools of Music & Art in US

One of the biggest tasks for any student looking to pursue a career in music and art is choosing a school to attend. Over the years, the number of high schools in the US has increased mainly because the field is a good business for people looking to make money. There many art high schools around your place; however, choosing the best the among is a big challenge. Here is a list of top 10 art and music schools in the US. We hope the article will help you achieve your education goal.

Joining an excellent art and music school can open doors for talented students. However, as a student, you have to show dedication if you want to achieve success. Remember, a school can have the best facilities, teachers and the surrounding environment but with the wrong students. Therefore, it all begins with the student’s dedication and will to succeed in this field of art and music.

The way to recognize an excellent high school is looking at its curriculum, opportunities for students, learning environments, and their end products. By end products, I mean students are coming out of the school. How many students have been able to break into the highest level in the music and art scene? Even with the best facilities or teachers, without a good result to show, a high school cannot be said to be among the best in the country—all the best as you discover a high school of your choice.

Top 10 Art & Music High School in the US


1. Los Angeles County High School

The school was founded in 1985 and is situated in Los Angeles. It specializes in Visual and performing arts. The school is a non-profit organization that aims at supporting conservatory art training style to students for free. Some of its specialized programs include college-preparatory-style training, performing arts, and conservatory-style training. Also, the school aims at training its students in the field of music, film, theatre, visual arts, and dance. If you are looking to pursue music or art, this could be a school for you.

2. Professional Performing Arts High School 

The public high school is based in New York and was founded in 1990. The school is recognized as none of the best art and music high schools in the US. Through a well-thought-out curriculum, students are allowed to study through a rigorous and fully integrated program. Students are taken through performance training by professional dancers and musicians in real students. The school has a program where the best students are given a platform to compete with the best in a highly competitive stage.

3. Idyllwild Arts Academy

Idyllwild Arts Academy is a private institution that offers college preparatory programs for students of grades 9 to 12 as well as postgraduates. The school was founded in 1946. Some of the disciplines you are likely to meet in the school include dance, training and music, creative writing, dance, visual arts, and interdisciplinary arts. For you to successfully admitted to the school, you must go through an audition. The mission of this private institution is Changing Lives Through the Transformative Power of Art.

4. Baltimore School for the Arts

Baltimore School for Arts is a public high school founded in 1979. The programs offered in the school include instrumental music, vocal music, visual art, dance, theatre acting, and film. Its four years’ session gives students intensive professional training in skills within the context of comprehensive college. The school prepares students for a college course in arts. If you stay in Baltimore or around the city and looking to study a course in arts and music, Baltimore School for the arts is a perfect suit for you.

5. Philadelphia High School

The public high school was founded in 1978 and is situated in Philadelphia. The school offers seven programs touching on music and arts. These programs include Theatre, Vocal Music, Media Design & Television, instrumental music, and creative writing. Students also have a chance to minor after their freshman year if they are successful in the audition. The school is known to have produced some of the best actors in the country.

6. Las Vegas Academy

Las Vegas Academy was founded in 1992. The private school is art and magnet school. During the audition, the academy lists a selection of majors where students will choose a subject they want to pursue. To get admission to the school, students go through a similar audition process. A typical school session at Las Vegas Academy runs for four years. Las Vegas makes the school a good position for any aspiring artist in the United States.

7. Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School

Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of music and art was founded in 1961. The school offers several placement courses. The art department in the school specializes in traditional artistic skills and discipline. Unlike the past, students take art classes by choice. The programs offered in the school include learning color theory, observation, and principles of design.

8. Chicago Academy for the Arts

The Chicago Academy for Arts is an independent art high school. It offers co-curricular programs such as college preparatory academic classes and professional arts training. The school has a program where students undergo a one on one assessment or review. The goal of the program is self-assessment, goal setting, portfolio-reviews, and many other personalized reviews. The private institution is situated in Chicago.

9. Interlochen Center for the Arts

The institution is a non-profit making high school and was founded in 1928. It offers various courses on art and pre-professional study. Some of the specialized courses offered in the school include Creative Writing, Theatre, Motion Picture, Visual Arts, and Comparative Arts. If you are looking to join a college that does not offer arts, this is a perfect high school for you.

10. Dr. Phillips High School

The high was founded in 1987. It offers several specialized courses that give students a chance to specialize in their area of interest. Through that, students get a chance to advanced their studies in a vast area. The school has magnet programs that have been established from elementary-middle to high levels. The opportunity gives students a chance to advance their areas of specialization.

A Boarding Arts High School for Music?

Most students do not have access to music and art high schools near their home area. Under such a circumstance, you may want to consider joining a boarding art high school. While the option of boarding in high school might not be a good fit for many students, here are circumstances under which a boarding high school is a good fit for students.

  • When the local art and music school does not give adequate opportunities to students
  • Ready to advance your music career but your local high schools are down-graded or do not provide adequate facilities
  • When you are looking for new experiences and a more collaborative setting

Applying and getting accepted to a boarding high school is an easy task. All you have to is make your application to at least three high schools of your choice. One thing you must understand is that good art and music high schools are highly competitive and admit students they think are talented enough to join the school.

Benefits of Attending a Boarding Arts High School

Many art and music students aspire to attend high school in places where artists are celebrated. Well, that is not the case in many cities in the US. Students, therefore, find themselves in looking for high schools in prosperous musical towns. Also, boarding schools prepare students for future stand-alone life in college or college.

Compared to public schools, students have access to better facilities in boarding schools. They have a chance to live and learn with the best. Other benefits include many hours of direct help and guidance from the best. Statistics show that students who study in music and art high schools do better than their counterparts in public schools.

Being in boarding is not easy for most students in the US. A considerable number of them will drop out of boarding schools for public schools for several reasons. For a student to succeed in boarding school, they must be ready to show the following traits.

  • Resilience – Pressure that comes with boarding schools is high, and you must be ready to cope with the pressure
  • Hard-working – Unlike public schools, you will not have parents to encourage you to work hard. Therefore, you should be able to push yourself to achieve success.
  • Able to manage your personal life – Even though every school has its rules and regulation, a large part of the rules lies with you. Students wishing to join boarding high school should be ready to manage their life.

What It Takes

Acquiring knowledge is a competitive exercise where only the strong succeed. Preparation is vital whether a student is taking music or any other course. Hard work is not a choice in boarding schools. Most high schools select their best students to join international programs or competitions. As a student, you have no choice but to roll your sleeves and put more effort and dedication into your work.

Balancing Time

Most students find it hard to juggle academics with other disciplines. Going to boarding gives students an early preparation for college. Self-discipline and time management are something to get to learn from attending a boarding high school. Mastering the art of balancing all these arts from a young age is essential. It is necessary to realize that art keeps students engaged hence preventing them from engaging in unnecessary activities.


While the price of attending a boarding school; it is almost similar to that of a private school or a university, students in boarding schools get more assistance. However, most boarding schools give scholarships to talented students who are willing to join the school.

One of the most significant issues of boarding schools for students is homesick. Well, students attending neighborhood high schools will not encounter such problems until when in college. The earlier students learn to stay away from home, the better. Students who attend boarding schools, however, say they quickly adapt to their new life in school. Some of them end up enjoying being in school more than at home.

Transitional life is one-factor students must learn to live with since they must undergo it at some point in their lives. The majority of students who go through boarding find it easy to transition into college compared to their counterparts from non-boarding high schools. However, some who go to colleges near their home find no difference.

What If You’re Not Sure You Want to Pursue Music in College?

Never assume that just because you went to be a music school means that you will automatically become a musician. There are many other things related to music that you can pursue. Going to music and art high school is meant to prepare you to make a choice on which area of artistry you want to venture into. I have seen many students move into high school with the dream of becoming musicians but end up becoming music writers or music producers.


If you are drawn to joining a music boarding school, you are encouraged to do so during summer. Also, you are encouraged to do your research well before choosing to join a boarding of your choice. Make use of all the resources at your disposal to seek information about the high school you are about to enter. Another way of finding information about a high school is through former students. Ask them what they liked and disliked most about the school. You can also move a step further and contact the teachers of the school.

If there are auditions to be done, understand what the school is looking for, and prepare yourself adequately. There is plenty of music and art schools out there that are willing and ready to accommodate you or your child. However, you need to understand that your choice of school could make or destroy your dreams. We hope the article helps you in making the most appropriate choice,

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